Commitment to Quality

Molding Solutions knows that our success is contingent on the successes of our most valued asset: our customers. We pride ourselves on finding the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for every application. And if one can’t be found, we don’t settle; we get to work by engineering custom options for even the most complex needs. Molding Solutions serves its customers with an eagerness for new ideas, exceptional service, and consistent results.

Commitment to Quality

For the past several years, Molding Solutions has achieved at or near zero PPMs every month due to our commitment to quality. Each project begins with its own Molding Solutions Project Validation Process. This process implements APQP and PPAP procedures that engage our engineering, quality assurance, manufacturing, scheduling, purchasing, tooling, and maintenance teams to ensure you receive parts that meet or exceed your expectations.

We Refuse to Compromise

Quality is of the utmost importance to us, and we know the same goes for our customers. We do not compromise the integrity of our products at any point in our process in search of an “easy way out.” Instead, we take the route that leads to excellence every time. We live out our Quality Policy every day: “Through Continual Improvement, Molding Solutions, Inc. is committed to meeting or exceeding our customer expectations by providing the highest quality parts, best service, and on-time delivery.”

Our Values


When dealing with large machinery and parts that require close attention to detail, we highly value safety and have safe practices in place to ensure the care of all our team members.


We promote transparency in our work culture and environment. We value our customer relationships and offer honesty during every step of the project to ensure smooth communication and quality results.


Integrity and trustworthiness are important to us in our team members work and our client relationships. Our principles include putting our customers first and striving to achieve the highest quality.


We provide professionalism through all our actions because we respect all team members and customers and know we have a responsibility to deliver the utmost value possible.