Production Capabilities

17 Ton – 1,300 Ton Precision Molding »

Machines that can mold plastic together with a clamping force of 17 to 1,300 tons.

Insert Molding »

In this process, an insert made of metal, wire, or plastic is placed in the mold and then encapsulated, detail enhanced, or used to join parts to act as a carrier.

Post Mold Assemblies »

Post Mold Assembly includes adding finishing touches to products to improve their quality or appearance after they have been molded.

Instrumented Decoupled Molding »

Instrumented Decoupled Molding is when the filling stage is separated from the packing and holding stages of the molding process.

CNC Machining »

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining is when a computer has preprogrammed code instructions it gives to a machine to carry out. We apply this to many of our production machines that produce plastic parts.

Palletizing »

Palletizing is putting packaged products on pallets so they can be transported to their destination.

Vertical Rotary and Shuttle Molding »

A Vertical Rotary machine is a type of molding machine. It increases production efficiency with a spinning rotary table. Products are simultaneously being molded on one side of the table and loaded and unloaded on the other side of the table.

Gas Assist Molding »

Gas Assist Molding involves creating hollow spaces in a product by injecting nitrogen gas that travels through a mold making open areas.

Two Shot Molding »

Two Shot Molding is a process where a product receives two molding procedures in one machine. First, resin is injected into a mold, and once it cools off, it is moved by a robot to a second mold. Here it receives a second injection of resin, and once the part cools off again, it is removed from the machine.

Sonic Welding »

Sonic Welding is done by a machine that converts high-frequency electrical signals to ultrasonic waves, which creates heat used to weld parts together.

Vision Verification »

Vision Verification is an efficient system used on machines to inspect the quality of products using cameras and lights.


Molding Solutions Inc. wants the best for its clients, so we take the extra steps to meet quality standards. We use exceptional care when executing all processes, including CNC machining, insert molding, sonic welding, and so many more, to ensure our customers are more than satisfied with our products. Click below to view our certification.

Anything Is Possible Here

At Molding Solutions, we encourage the spirit of creative thinking. For our clients to remain successful and retain their leadership in a competitive global market, they must continue their creative approach. As a valued business partner, we welcome the opportunity to work with and for you to achieve your desired plastic injection molding project.

Production Videos

Vision Verification

This video shows our vision verification system in action on one of our robotic cells at our Grand Haven facility. It is used to inspect the quality of our products using cameras and lights to achieve our goal of zero ppm.

Automation Cell

This video shows our automation cell that is running at our Grand Haven facility. This machine has eight robotic arms that work together to build automotive parts using plastic resin.