Molding Solutions Inc. was established in 2016 by the team of Bob Buresh, Brad Ahrens, and Tom Wallace. They purchased the company Advanced Molding Solutions, which was founded in the year 2000 in Grand Haven, Michigan, and changed the company name to Molding Solutions Inc. In 2018, Jon Riley joined the ownership group, and in 2021, Rick Eustice joined the team as well. In 2021, this team purchased the company Seabrook Plastics Inc., founded in 1994. This facility is in Norton Shores, Michigan, and it allowed Molding Solutions to start expanding and growing to cater more services to our clients. The next purchase the group made the following year was SAC Plastics. This injection molding company was founded in 1958 in Spring Lake, Michigan, and functions as the company’s corporate headquarters.

Lastly, the leadership team acquired the company IVP Plastics in 2023 and changed its name to Illinois Valley Technologies. This company was founded in 1953 and is in Washington, Illinois. Today, they are our newest and biggest location, with roughly 50,000 square feet. Advanced Molding Solutions, Seabrook Plastics Inc., and SAC Plastics are all our West Michigan locations, and they operate successfully as Molding Solutions Inc., also referred to as MSI. Our Illinois location, Illinois Valley Technologies, also referred to as IVT, operates under that name and is a subsidiary of Molding Solutions, Inc. Together, with four facilities containing 135,000 sq. ft., 68 injection molding machines, and over 190 team members, we help clients of all sizes around the country, offering the best quality and service possible.

History Map

Norton Shores, MI

Spring Lake, MI

Grand Haven, MI

Washington, IL

Our Mission

The mission of Molding Solutions is to be recognized by our customers as the supplier of choice, by our employees as the employer of choice, and by our suppliers as the customer of choice by continually improving our systems, processes, and products.

Our Vision

A dynamic collaboration that embraces change, involves all stakeholders as a team to continually improve, innovate, and provide problem-solving products and processes that exceed our customers’ expectations with the capability and technology to adapt to an ever-changing business environment.

Our People

The Molding Solutions team is dedicated. Our proven track record of customer satisfaction is a source of pride for our team members, who work to ensure the utmost quality at every turn. Whatever the need and whenever needed, our team has proven countless times that we understand and appreciate the importance of complete customer satisfaction. We invite you to experience the excellence in product quality and customer satisfaction we offer at Molding Solutions.

West Michigan Facilities Photo Gallery

Above are images taken from our Michigan plants in Grand Haven, Norton Shores, and Spring Lake. They spread out to roughly 85,000 square feet and contain 51 injection molding machines along with assembly lines. These machines allow us to efficiently mass produce products for our customers’ valued time.